If you are you ready to put in the work, remove obstacles, and do what it takes to create a healthier and more successful business that supports your best life possible, then you’re in the right place. The Thrive Business Model focuses only on the most essential items to build a powerful foundation from which to scale your business. This is critical as many business owners get sidetracked focusing on the wrong things, causing them to continue to hit ceilings and experience frustration with limited growth. When entering into a coaching relationship with me, I’m more than happy to focus on other areas, such as, marketing, sales, and financials, but I want to ensure that our primary aim is to build you a solid foundation, from which all these other items will be of greater value. What I can assure you is that if you are genuinely committed to take action, are willing to stretch yourself, and be persistent then we will accomplish some amazing things together

Hello and welcome!

There’s nothing fancy about this page. Just going to run through exactly what we’ll do together if you decide to work with me and then provide a bit more information that might be helpful.  

1. Assessment

In order to most effectively help you I really need to have a clear picture of where you and your business are at. This step generally takes 30-60 days depending on the size of your business. Although we are not necessarily taking steps forward at this time, clients always find this process very insightful. For most business owners this will have been the first time in a long time that they have really stepped back and taken a good look at their business. This can be such a powerful part of the process that I have started to offer this as a stand alone service but you get it as part of our coaching relationship.

2. Thrive Business Coaching

This is where we really get to work and dive into implementing the Thrive Business Model into your business. The flow will be me sending you content (typically a video) and then following that up with a coaching session (generally 30 minutes). At the front end we will likely meet weekly, but over time may begin to spread meetings out a bit. I explain this more in the FAQ section but I do not charge per session. You are investing in our relationship and the desired outcome, not my time. I am your coach always, not just during scheduled sessions. What this means is that if you run into an issue or need some guidance you can shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you. Occasionally we may even have a quick call if I’m available and the need is urgent. The point is that I am here to support you and help you however I can.

We likely will focus on other business growth topics outside the Thrive Business Model, but these will be secondary. There may be times where you are in the process of implementing some items we’ve discussed but that will take time before we can move on to the next step. During these times we may jump into some other topics depending on your needs.

So the two primary components will be content and coaching. You take in the content, generally do some prep work to think through how to apply the content, then we work together to build an action plan, and finally you take action. Some of the content pieces will have helpful worksheets to aid you in thinking through the application of the content. This is a very thorough and well thought out process, with bite size action pieces, making it easier and more likely for you to take action.

3. Maintenance & Other Business Growth Areas

Once we’ve implemented the Thrive Business Model into your business, things are running smoothly, and you feel good about the foundation we will decide if it makes sense to continue our coaching relationship, whether that be on more of a maintenance plan or to focus in on other business growth areas.


>>> Quick Overview of the 4 phases of the Thrive Business Model <<<



Destination is focused on knowing where you and your company are going. If you are not crystal clear on where you are going you cannot make strategic decisions that will move you in the ideal direction toward growth. It’s very common for business owners to get bogged down in the day to day and lose sight of the big picture. This often unintentionally leads to reactionary decisions that create obstacles for future growth. Many small business owners often underestimate the impact of doing this work, so it gets left undone and it severely limits their growth. We will dive into defining your personal destination as it pertains to the business and the destination of the business itself. The ultimate goal is for you to have a very clear picture of your future, personally and professionally, so that you can begin to make very intelligent and strategic decisions that will lead to growth, while avoiding common pitfalls.


If you don’t have a solid, empowered and unified leadership team then your business will not grow, it’s highly likely you will be significantly stressed, and lack a healthy balance. Developing the right leaders and putting them in the correct and clearly defined roles is critical to the health and future growth of your business. When you are wearing too many hats, roles are not well defined, people are in the wrong roles, and your leadership team is not taking ownership over the direction and growth of your business you are left in a very tough place. We will work together to envision your ideal leadership team, brainstorm initial steps to move in the right direction, begin to develop that team, and then empower them to make a great impact on your business. This phase is exciting but can often be very intense as you will need to make some very big decisions around your future role, the roles of other people within your organization, and your plan about future additions to your team. That being said your commitment to this phase will make a powerful impact on the potential of your future growth as a company and take significant strides toward taking some of the weight off your shoulders.


The Infusion phase is where you really start to set yourself apart as a leader in your industry and as a unique business poised to experience significant scale.  Infusion is about getting all your most impactful ingredients to stick across every area of your business. Infusion is where you build a culture, where everyone gets it, speaks the same language, has a positive outlook, and shows up every day. Infusion is the glue. During this phase we will work on some unique ideas such as your meeting rhythm, the “everyone has a number” philosophy, and building a culture plan. As you implement these concepts you will see your business begin to come to life. Where you once saw headaches and frustrations you will see bright spots and potential. This phase is where you start to have fun again.


Flow at it’s core is about creating the best processes and systems for every action, in every department, across your entire business. One of the most common obstacles I see to growth is a lack of flow, a lack of clear and consistent processes and systems. There is no doubt that building and maintaining proper systems and processes will take some work. However, when you see how much it increases your efficiency and productivity it will make it all worth it. We will work together to build a process, which will allow each department to assist in putting together flow for their area of the business. Ultimately you will build what I call your Thrive Business Plan, which will be a document containing all the processes and systems for your organization. Not only will this flow increase productivity and efficiency but it will create clear expectations around various roles, which will move you toward being less people dependent and more systems dependent. Any business that wants to scale must become dependent on systems and not people. This is not about devaluing people but about creating a framework that anyone can follow no matter who they are, that is not dependent on the person or personality. When we build businesses around people or personalities we experience varied results and changing experiences based on who those people are. That is a recipe for frustration and stagnation. Instead as we work together, we will create the proper flow so that your business can grow!

>>> What Others Are Saying <<<

Bob and his team have been excellent. The core values (Integrity, Confidentiality, People, and Growth) align with our way of doing business. Bob listened to our needs and has designed a program to help us grow. Most importantly, lots of coaches talk about being responsive and providing great service; Bob and his team have delivered and exceeded our expectations.

From the very first day and continuing through today, Bob has been instrumental in helping our business grow!

He has been a sounding board for important strategic business decisions and gives everyone more confidence in making the most intelligent business moves possible.

I’ve been impressed with his intelligence, his vision, his integrity, and his strong sense of accountability/responsibility to a cause. I have also been struck by his ability to communicate his vision, thoughts and ideas with impact … either one on one or to a group. Bob is extremely thoughtful in his consideration and development of plans and strategies and this is always apparent in the end result.

Bob has helped me expand my horizons, seen new possibilities, and learn techniques to bring vision to reality. His coaching and support, have kept me honest, accountable, and on track for reaching my goals

Bob has been an enormous asset in organizing our five-team leaders to work together and as a result the quality and job fulfillment of our staff has been the best it has ever been in 7 years of business.

>>> Common Questions <<<


Where are you based and does that matter?

I am based in Massachusetts, about 25 miles outside Boston. So if you are looking for a Boston business coach or consultant and would prefer the ability to meet in person for some sessions then feel free to reach out. That being said, I predominantly conduct my coaching sessions virtually over zoom and so this really is not important. I can work with anyone across the US or internationally. Geography is definitely not an obstacle.

Are you a business coach or a business consultant?

I actually tend to call myself a business growth partner, advisor, or specialist. When people ask this question they generally want to understand my style and know if I’ll focus on asking questions or if I’ll give them advice. I certainly ask strategic questions to help you think through your direction because I respect your perspective and believe it can be powerful when you come to a conclusion. However, I think it is critical that I bring my experience and knowledge to the table and give you clear advice when it makes sense and so I certainly provide direction and specific guidance in our time together. When it comes down to it, I am going to do whatever is best to help you move forward and get results.

 Why should I hire you vs some other coach or consultant? 

First, be sure you talk with whoever you are considering working with before you make a decision, as I think it’s really important to make sure you feel comfortable with the person and you connect with them. If that’s not there then it’s not going to work. I do check a lot of the common boxes, like having 3 different coaching certifications, have worked with 100’s of businesses, been doing this work for 12+ years, and have worked in a lot of different industries. Personally, I think should hire me because I care a lot, I’ve been living and breathing business growth for a very long time, I don’t settle for going through the motions, I’m committed to getting results, I exude transparency and authenticity, I am committed to continual growth myself, and I’m fun.  Let’s talk and find out if we’re a fit!

Why hire a coach or consultant at all?

You will always be better and do better when you have a person with a professional and experienced outside perspective, who will be honest with you, challenge you, hold you accountable, guide you, and support you. That is 100% the truth and there is no way around it! I could give you quote after quote from many of the greats that will say things to this effect. Coaching is not for people that are failing but for people that are succeeding and motivated to take things to the next level. Most of the clients I work with are amazing people, they are smart, and they are good at what they do. However, they know there is room for growth, they acknowledge their present limitations, and are eager to learn. Every great leader, whether in business or sports has had coaches along the way, that helped shape them. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches myself and still have one right now. 

How much does it cost?

It’s critical that you see this as an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Yes, you will get a great ROI the first year we work together, but the thing to keep in mind is that you now keep that ROI every year after that as well. It’s not a one time return, it’s a return that keeps giving. Additionally you are not just investing in an immediate revenue growth return but you are increasing the value of your business. The core things we focus on in this coaching model are many of the exact things that every business broker or M&A professional will tell you are the items you need to work on to increase the value of your company.  Then there are all the non-financial gains that may be even more important, like balance, time, improved relationships, enjoyment of life, and peace of mind. The real question is, how much it is costing you not to invest in the growth of your company and your future?

I know you are looking for an actual figure but unfortunately I can’t give you a definitive. In most cases you will pay somewhere between $1,500 – $5,000 a month. That will vary greatly depending on several factors, the greatest of which is your current company revenue. I do occasionally give special pricing to new businesses or unique needs but you should assume that is the range. Be careful not to choose a coach based on price alone and if they are charging a very low fee at an hourly rate I’d be very careful. You need to understand that a coach is choosing their price based on their perceived value of what they are offering. Quality experienced coaches will charge based on expected results not for their time.

Generally upon signing up to work with me you will make an initial investment for 3 months of coaching. After that you will pay monthly. I do not hold anyone to long term contracts like many coaches and consultants do. I believe that if I am doing a good job and we are getting great results then you will be more than happy to invest in our relationship each month.

 How long before I see results?

This is another one that is tough to answer. I generally tell people that they should begin to see clear results around month 6 or so. Much of this depends on the size and complexity of your business. We will be getting results long before this but they may not be as tangible on the front end. It’s important to remember that we are building a foundation and that takes more time on the front end. I certainly could give you some great marketing tactic on the front end to put a few thousand more in the bank but that’s not the goal. I’m not looking to appease you with quick fixes but build something great that will allow you to scale way beyond anything you would be able to build without implementing these core principles. I will never pretend that this is quick or easy but I will promise that this is 100% worth it and will get you far greater results in the long run.


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