Add Value to Your Audience, Show Them You Care,

and Get A Little Something Extra In Return!

Quick Overview of Opportunity

You care about your audience of business owners, and this opportunity is about providing an opportunity that could significantly help them improve and grow their business. You will invite your audience of business owners to join the Thrive Business Coaching Program or to something that leads to joining the Thrive Business Coaching Program, such as a free webinar. This will provide added value to your audience, allowing you to continue to deepen your connection with them. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to receive a commission for every person that becomes a member from your list. Please note that we are not asking you to share any information with us and we are not reaching out directly. You will be reaching out to your own audience inviting them, at which time they can decide if they’d like to interact with us for the opportunity.

Thrive Business Coaching Program Pricing

List Price: $5000
Discount For Your Audience: $1500 (I will provide discount code for you to use)

Final Price: $3500

Commission Structure Per Month

First 20 Sign Ups – $500 per sign up
21 – 50 – $550 per sign up
51+ – $600 per sign up

Note: Commission will be paid monthly, and number of sign-ups refreshes each month

Example of Flow

  • We provide you already written emails you can use with your audience
  • You use those email as they are or make minor changes to fit your voice and style
  • You send out email invitations to your audience inviting them to a free webinar
  • They go to our landing page and sign up for the webinar
  • They attend the webinar
  • They sign up for the Thrive Business Coaching Program
  • After 30 days from sign up you receive your commission for those that signed up
  • Assuming both of us are happy with the results we can discuss the potential to repeat in 6-12 months.

The Product: Thrive Business Coaching Program

The Thrive Business Coaching Program is a 6 month+ large group coaching program for small business owners that have a desire to grow their business, build a foundation to scale, increase the value of their business, and structure their business in a way that will increase their freedom and peace of mind. significant difference from other programs, is that this is not a quick fix approach. We lean into the reality that change is hard, it takes time, and that you need to work hard to get results.

Overview of The Thrive Business Model

  • Destination – This phase is focused on helping business owners understand the importance of knowing where they and their business are going, helping them avoid reactionary decisions and empowering them to make better, more intentional, growth-producing, and strategic decisions.
  • Leadership – A key to scaling your business is building an empowered and high functioning leadership team. This phase will help business owners make better choices about leaders, learn how to empower them, and be more strategic about leadership decisions.
  • Flow – Flow is a critical element in order to improve efficiency, productivity and consistency across your business. This phase will help the business owner create a complete business plan that has the processes and systems for every department and every part of their business. Once this is implemented the business will experience a surge of energy and results.
  • Infusion – Many business owners have some great ideas about what works best in their business, maybe they’ve even told their team, but it’s very rare that they get it to stick. This final phase will help the business owner to apply specific tactics that will ensure that their best stuff is being lived out consistently within their business.

Key Components of The Thrive Business Coaching Program

  • Content Videos – The videos are very practical and short. Too many coaching programs have long videos that can be confusing and have way too much information. These videos are super focused and give the business owner a very specific step to take after each video.
  • Action Sheets – Many of the videos will have an accompanying action sheet that will help the business owner apply what they’ve just learned. These are super helpful and will help business owner to follow through on next steps.
  • Community – We will have a community where all the members of the program can interact, brainstorm, share victories, and generally encourage each other through the program. Bob will also be in there consistently to add some feedback and advice from time to time.
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls – Bob will hold a live large group coaching call every week for all the members. This will generally involve going over some content, often focused on areas that people are getting stuck, and a lot of time for people to ask questions live and get real feedback and coaching on the spot.
  • Bonus Content – Bob will be creating content beyond the scope of the Thrive Business Model to further help these business owners. The Thrive Business Model is a critical foundation but Bob coaches in many more areas and will put in relevant content on a consistent basis to help members in any way he can.

Invitation Strategies

  • Live Webinar

We will be holding a live webinar at least 1x a month. This will be our primary free offer that moves people into the program.

  • Straight Invite

In this scenario you would make a direct invite for them to join the Thrive Business Coaching Program. This is only recommended for people/businesses that have a very warm and trusted relationship with their audience. It’s rare that people will sign up for something at this price point based on a simple recommendation unless they highly value what you have to say.

  • Interview Style Webinar

In this situation you would invite your audience to a live webinar where you would interview me about the thrive Business Model. On that webinar we would invite them to join the Thrive Business Coaching Program. We would record this webinar and make it available to those who did not show up and your list in general.

Support / Resources

My team and I will be available to help in whatever way we can. We will provide copy for email and social posts to help you more easily take part in this opportunity. If you have unique needs or questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

My team and I look forward to partnering with you!

Bob Elster